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The Arizona bill, (HB 2036), passed in the state Senate on Thursday and will now go before the house. Like the proposals before it, Arizona’s legislation is modeled on the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” designed by the National Right to Life Committee. And like the other bills, it states that abortion would be banned 20 weeks into a pregnancy. But reproductive rights advocates point out that Arizona’s law would actually be more restrictive than others, as the bill states that the gestational age of the fetus should be “calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman.”


Arizona Outdoes Everyone With New Anti-Abortion Bill

I’m going to just let that part I emphasized sink in.

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The GOP has launched a full offensive

Seriously. Remember January 2011 when they took office and promptly forgot they were elected on the economy so they could introduce a slew of anti-abortion bills? Well, this week has been worse.

In addition to trying to block the Domestic Violence Act because they might be forced to protect women of color, immigrants and LGBT people, holding a hearing on women’s health without any women involved, and mandating ultrasounds that could require vaginal penetration of anyone in Virginia who seeks an abortion, we’ve had two “Personhood” (Personhood meaning “Zygotes With No Nervous System That Resemble Little Dinosaurs Count As A Person With More Rights Than the Humanoid Incubator They Are Housed In”) laws passed in two states. Virginia and, of course, Oklahoma. The last article sums up the reasoning rather nicely:

Anti-abortion advocates and Republicans are no longer content with the American people deciding on personhood amendments via the vote. They know that each of their attempts to pass such amendments have failed, such as in Colorado and Mississippi. So, they are now just using the government to force personhood and anti-abortion laws upon us. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how Republicans view the will of the American people.

That’s the bottom line. They’re doing these in the legislatures because they know they won’t even pass among the most conservative electorates in the country. Because this particular group of legislators sold themselves as “fiscal conservatives” and convinced a desperate electorate that they would fix the economy sooner, and then they turned around to spend all their time on this BULLSHIT antichoice and antigay shit, and are possibly arrogant enough to think this isn’t an important enough issue that it’ll get them kicked out on their rear ends. Or deluded enough to think there’s some huge antichoice vote that needs to be energized.

Either way, this is a complete bombardment, so watch your Representatives (no matter the party, because Democrats are often weak-kneed on these issues) to see if they go along or resist.

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Last night Rachel Maddow danced around explaining Virginia’s proposed law requiring women wanting abortions to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound. She seemed to have problems even saying the word “vagina” and simply talked about “things inserted into your body”.

Let’s stop playing word games

This is legally sanctioned rape, end of discussion.


plan9pub, DailyKos: "Let’s call the Virginia law what it is"

(For those of you who don’t know, a transvaginal ultrasound involves a medical instrument being physically inserted into the patient’s vagina. VA lawmakers want this done when the woman wants an abortion even if it is too early to get a useful image.)