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Data + Lamp

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I probably should’ve answered that ask publicly in case anyone else was curious. The Star Trek Online story I liked is detailed in a novel called The Needs of the Many. The novel gives a little epilogue for pretty much all the characters from the three series in that era and takes everyone from the end of Nemesi to the launch of the video game. (It does have the supernova from the 2009 reboot mentioned in it, so this is a continuation of the original timeline.) I didn’t play the game but I liked it.

Not a Data centric book, though, his story is only covered in two chapters. However, if you’re fond of Jake Sisko it is definitely worth looking at since the concept of the book is “Jake Sisko interviews the Star Trek Universe.”

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Brent Spiner, about Data.

I’m going to bookmark this for when I explain why I like how events unfold in Star Trek Online/Countdown a lot better than the Cold Equations trilogy, but it should give you a hint about one of several reasons I’m irritated by the novel continuity.

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“Apologies, captain, I seem to have reached an odd functional impasse. I am, uh, stuck.”

I die of embarrassment every time in this scene

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For holosuitebuddies.

Geordi gets thrown around a lot in this episode.

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jaysixofearth2 replied to your post:

Maybe he’s like a phone and it depends on how long he’s gone without a charge? OR maybe he upgraded from Nickel to Lithium batteries? #iknow #nerdlogic

Possibily. I know it took a LONG time for him to reboot, and then get his bearings in “Contagion”, but he’s up and about in very little time in “Time’s Arrow” and that’s when he got actually overloaded and needed to be fixed. And when he gets knocked out, he’s usually up pretty fast.

Meanwhile, in “Datalore” Lore boots up so fast and gets his bearings so well he knows enough to lie before they even realize he’s been powered on.

It just bugs me because I work with computers, I guess. (And sometimes even the same device takes longer to reboot than other times.) You can SEE Data do a Power-On Self-Test each time he switches on, but no one ever bothered to write down the Data Power-Up sequence.

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I think I want gifs of all the Data reboot scenes. Because they all seem really different.

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Star Trek meme: four brotps → geordi/data

Just to remind everyone about these two.

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Captain, the most elementary and valuable statement in science, the beginning of wisdom is ‘I do not know.’ I do not know what _that_ is, sir.

- Data, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Where Silence Has Lease