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I would add them. All of them. Except maybe not Anderson

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Last night a teenager in London was made homeless because his parents discovered “incriminating” gay content on his Facebook page. He was kicked out of the house without notice and his whereabouts are currently unknown. One of his friends who spoke to Privacy International last night was concerned that the lad had spun into depression. He had no money - not even a change of clothes.

Curiously, David (we’ll give him that name) did not place the offending material on his Facebook profile - someone else did. He never mentioned anywhere on his profile that he was gay, and was not openly involved in any online gay groups. For David, living in a closed-minded community and with homophobic parents, such revelations would be disastrous.

But if David didn’t place that material on his profile, who did?

The culprit is Facebook. The company placed that material on his page without notification, without his consent and in violation of every principle of care that the company claims to stand for. It did so through a covert mechanism of targeted advertising, deeply analysing David’s Facebook activities and relationships and then posting blatant ads on his profile that scream “Hey! This user is queer!”


How Facebook’s targeted advertising destroyed the life of a young man (via ryking)

Fuck facebook.

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This is why I always click on ads and say they’re not relevant.

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