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Reblog if you’d like to see a Young Adult Wonder Woman manga given a shot

All right, so Ben Caldwell’s Wonder Woman pitch got attention back when I was on the way to Afghanistan so I never got a chance to comment on it (even to note it has lovely art), but tonight I’m thinking about Wonder Woman, DC current direction for her, fans and such. A postcard campaign got the series renumbered to 600 rather than reset at 1 for this latest reboot. Letter campaigns got Manhunter two reprieves. A letter campaign brought Stephanie Brown back from the dead.

I think there’s an off chance we can get this published, or at least get it in their heads that we want Wonder Woman to be for young girls too. And if it works, we can finally have a Wonder Woman book to give to our younger family and friends. That should be something worth shooting for even if you don’t like certain aspects of it.

So, if you’d spend postage to get this a second chance, please Reblog. We’ll get organized if there’s enough of us.

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    sure. why not?
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    Awesome. I totally want to see this happen. YA Wonder Woman—so right!
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    In principle, but it needs to be anything but “The Last Amazon”. Seriously, that sort of shit needs to be a shooting...
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