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So maybe it’s not that Americans are stupid. Maybe we’re not paying Region 1 prices, or buying movie tickets like we used to, or any of that… and the industry refuses to consider any alternative but that we’re getting our entertainment for free, illegally. The obvious alternative – the one that would occur to some dude who opens up a hardware store and wonders why everyone shops at Home Depot instead – is that they’ve simply priced movies, TV DVDs and music above what people are willing to pay. So who’s stupid? Or rather, who’s just being a stubborn asshole who refuses to think or admit the truth? The entertainment industry.

They seem unaware that “free downloads” aren’t their only competition. We don’t need movies, TV and music. It’s not like food. You can’t assume that if we’re not buying groceries from one store, we must be getting them from elsewhere. I haven’t been to a movie theater since 2003, because of the cost, the policy of theaters in Los Angeles to allow cell phone users to disrupt climactic scenes of blockbusters on opening days and Hollywood’s sheer inability to make anything I want to see immediately rather than when the DVD comes out (if then – usually not then).

- Jennifer Kesler, SOPA: Supply and demand doesn’t work anymore, the Hathor Legacy
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