I don't believe you can overthink.



Who am I?

I’m Lisa. I’m Ragnell most places, like Twitter and Librarything, and Ragnell the Foul others such as formspring. I’m cranky, overbearing, and I can get mean in an argument. I’ve got that casual causticity that comes form working with mostly males for many years. I’m American, Air Force (fourteen years now and the opinions on this blog do NOT reflect those of the US Air Force, they are all personal), pagan, white and female without college. My posts come from that perspective but I don’t speak for anyone but myself. I have the following picture of myself by Rebecca Guay.

I forget which one I am.

I mostly reblog, post quotes and pictures here. My long text posts are reserved for Written World, which oddly is dedicated almost entirely to comics. I used to import them, and do roundups but I’ve let that lapse a month or two so I’m not sure if I’ll do that again or link old posts here.

I’m a 90s fan but I read a lot of old comics. (And old pulp fiction short stories.) I tend to cycle through obsessions, and you probably chart them through my blog. At the moment it’s Star Trek. Adore the reboot, adore TOS, TNG and DS9. VOY was okay but didn’t catch me, but I have a renewed interest in it. I watched all of ENT on a dare and while there were some good parts it squandered a lot of potential. I like the reboot movies and love the Star Trek Online storyline. I hate the current direction of the novels.

Before I burned out on DC’s reboot I ran a Steve Trevor tumblr, amazonboytoy. (Yes, that was me in the lettercol.) Started reading WW with Byrne and have devoured every back issue and collection my greedy little hands could get hold of. I can pick out numerous mistakes and terrible ideas but I think I’ve enjoyed every run on some level except for Piccoult, JMS (though Hester is good), and O’Neil.

I have serious problems with the Perez reboot. I think Marston knew what the hell he was doing with gender and it was unwise to take away the Amazon Tech and the boyfriend. I love the weirdness of the Marston and Kanigher runs and want a writer to bring back the mythic cycle, astral travel and semi-mystical societies with different gender roles. I’m taking a break from her during this whole dating Superman idiocy, though .

I don’t watch much TV and I’m not in the US so my timezones are a bit screwed up. I’m not currently active on any projects, but I was one of the co-linkers for Dispatches from the Fridge, which was just a weekend thing because we all still have the same demanding lives that made us give away WFA and stopped my sporadic attempts at professional writing.